Coca-Cola x Pollination


Shekhar Pandey

Art Director


Coca-Cola intends to spread awareness about how crucial pollinators are to human life.


Kola nut is a base ingredient of Coca-Cola which is dependent on pollination.


Create sustainable and effort-less ways to support and help grow the

bee population.


The billboard will be made up of two flowers, geranium and cosmos, which are essential to bees as a source of food and nourishment because the entire campaign is centred around the idea of supporting bees in every way possible. Additionally, the colours of these blossoms were chosen because they resemble those of the Coca-Cola logo.

Bus shelter ads

The objective is to capture the attention of the viewers through the headline and enlighten them about the impact of bee extinction on a personal and global scale, and finally persuade them to join our initiative.

Packaging Redesigned

New Packaging


Coca-Cola will have new packaging design to match the campaign.

The pack of 6 packaging will be made of seed paper that can be planted in the ground or in a pot to sprout a variety of flowers and herbs such as Stonecrop, Milkweed, Coneflower, Goldenrod, Cape Fuchsia, Yarrow, Bluebeard, geranium, cosmos and others which are primary sources of nutrition to bees. The instructions will be printed on the package so that it is not discarded like any other package.

Social media posts

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Coca-Cola will post a number of creatives on all social media platforms depicting the life after bee extinction. The posts will essentially cover a timeline of how the fall of bee populations will impact humans on a personal and worldwide scale.